Welcome to this series of online training modules that will help those working in public health to develop knowledge and capacity to provide comprehensive tobacco control programs.

The Modules have been designed to increase familiarity and comprehension around the rationale, evidence, and components of comprehensive tobacco control programs. Our goal is to provide you with information and tools to effectively decrease the use and impact of tobacco in Colorado.

Here are the modules currently available:

  • Module 1: Tobacco's Toll & Tobacco Control
  • Module 2: Implementing Evidence-based Strategies for Success
  • Module 3: Identifying the Burden of Tobacco & Making an Impact
  • Module 4: Organizing a Strategic Policy Coalition
  • Module 5: Supporting Tobacco-Free Schools
  • Module 6: Treating Tobacco Dependence and Facilitating Health Systems Change
  • Module 7: Responsible Tobacco Sales
  • Module 8: The Foundation of Local Policy